The Fizz™ is a mixing chamber that makes foamy drinks more fun

Create a fun, fizzy, sweet taste experience that’s better than any soda fountain or old-fashioned ice cream bar can make. What a great idea. Fizz Cup serves up the ultimate foamiest, fizziest ice cream soda float that’s perfect for any special time.

It’s tasty chemistry, and is the best ice cream float kitchen utensil around! Fill the Fizz cup with scoops of your favorite ice cream, and twist on any bottle (plastic or glass): Coke, Pepsi, A&W Root Beer, cream soda, orange, Jarritos, or a drink flavor or recipe of your choice. By separating the ingredients, the ice cream stays frosty cold, and the drink keeps foaming fresh. Plus it can be rinsed and reused. Today TV show hosts call it a “soda float to go.” The Sharks on Shark Tank also ate it up. Add this to your float kit glasses or soda set, and it also makes a great gift.