The Fizz™ is a mixing chamber that makes foamy drinks more fun

You probably don’t have a soda fountain or old-fashioned ice cream bar in your home. But now you can create a lot of the fun (for kids and adults alike) of mixing together a scoop of ice cream with a blast of your favorite carbonated soda for the best foam and taste experience of any ice cream float ever. The unique advantage of our Fizz cup is that you can keep the fizziness going by bringing the soda to the ice cream at the rate you want. Today TV show hosts call it a “soda float to go.” It’s so easy, you’ll be faster than a soda fountain jerk pro.
It’s tasty chemistry. Carbonation plus ice cream equals a super fizzy mouth experience with the wow taste of ice cream mixing with soda. Use your favorites: A&W, Pepsi, Coke, cream soda, orange soda, or any other fizzy drink or flavor of your choice. Make our Fizz cup part of your ice cream float kit. You’ve got glasses and scoops and soda bottles. Now you need the best kitchen or travel utensil to get the most enjoyment out of floats: the Fizz cup.
Have your own soda fountain at home, on vacation, or wherever.