About the Fizz™

The Fizz™ offers several improvements on the traditional ice cream soda float. The Fizz™ cup can attach to any common plastic or glass drink bottle, allowing unlimited flavor combinations. Plus it produces a fun, cool, simple and clean experience.

The Fizz™ cup can be packed with any scooped ice cream, soft serve, yogurt, Dippin Dots,Slush, fruit, juice, or even ice. Experiment and make your own recipes. It can be pre-filled and frozen in advance, or filled to order. For ice cream stores or vendors, the advantages of pre-filling are:

  1. It speeds up service time so customers won’t need to wait for the cups to be filled,
  2. Efficiently uses any remaining soft serve mix by filling into Fizz™ cups before daily cleaning,
  3. Portability for locations without electricity while kept frozen in a cooler with dry ice.


Floats have been around since 1874. That’s right. Robert McCay Green invented them for a semicentennial celebration, combining vanilla ice cream with soda water and a choice of 16 different syrups. They were instant hits. How they work is from the chemistry of bubble-injected soda contacting ice cream. When the carbonated soda swirls around the ice cream carbon dioxide bubbles are released; and the soda causes a reaction in the ice cream to free air bubbles in the ice cream. So, it’s a double reaction of goodness.

The question is: how to make the best or perfect ice cream float. Essentially, you want the really cold soda to be controlled in its contact with the ice cream so that the ice cream is not overwhelmed into the soda and melts too fast, thus the fizz slows down and stops. That’s what our Fizz cups do. They give you control of bringing fresh and smaller amounts of soda into contact with the ice cream. You have fizz all the time. Or you can just eat ice cream for awhile.

That’s what we’re about. Giving you that perfect, fun soda and ice cream foaminess all the time.

Filling & serving

  1. Filling: Pack the Fizz™ cup with 4-5 ounces of ice cream to within approx. ½” from the rim.
  2. Snap the Fizz™ lid onto the cup, and assure that it fits snug. It is designed to stay on the cup more tightly than most drink lids.
  3. Select a bottled beverage, and remove the bottle cap.
  4. Attach The Fizz™ cup onto bottle (fits common12,16, 20, 24 oz, 1-liter, & 2-liter bottles), by twisting the Fizz™ cup onto the bottle clock-wise until snug. Do not over-tighten. For glass drink bottles (beer or soda), attach by pressing down firmly on the Fizz cup until it snaps onto the lip of the bottle.
    To drink directly from the bottle, remove the Fizz™ Cup from the bottle by twisting counterclockwise (on plastic bottles) or pull it off firmly (glass bottles). The Fizz™ cup can be replaced onto the bottle again.
  5. Mixing: To blend the soda with the ice cream, the plastic bottle can be squeezed by hand, to force the fluid into the cup, or the bottle can be tipped. When the soda mixes with the ice cream it becomes foamy. When the fluid level in the bottle is below half-full, it’s suggested that the bottle be
    tipped downward so the fluid will flow into cup.
  6. Drinking: Sip the float by drinking through the spout (hole) in the lid. Repeat and enjoy! No straw is required.

Rinse & Reuse

  1. After finishing, remove the Fizz™ cup from the bottle by unscrewing, and rinse the cup and lid thoroughly in warm water, then dry. Do not wash in automatic dishwasher.
  2. Stack the cups and lids neatly, and store in a secure place where they won’t get damaged. The Fizz™ is designed for reuse many times if cared for properly.

Maximum capacity of each Fizz™ Cup is 7 fl oz.