Birthday parties or any kind of party can get dull if you don’t have enough engaging, entertaining, fun stuff to do. What do you need? Very good hosting ideas. Specially with kids. Summer’s coming up with backyard parties for teams or camps or just playing or having fun. Barbecue parties and other get togethers for adults too. Of course, ice cream socials as well. Put us on your party planner list.

As long as vanilla ice cream (or other flavors) and carbonated sweet sodas have been around ice cream floats have been super popular. Delicious. Refreshing. The foaming fun that tingles the nose and mouth with sweet, creamy bubbles, and the fizzy sounds.

Floats became and are a cultural phenomenon. Floats and evocative memories of childhood or first dates or special, carefree times are always with us.

Buy them as a party favor to give away to guests also.

Whoever tries them, loves them. Imagine the fun.


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